Soupbone presents,
for the March-April residency,

(re)Visions of Art History

*This series is ongoing and will be updated regularly throughout the residency. 

Bee C Kagelmayer | they / them | nonbinary

I am a multimedia artist focusing primarily in collage, mixed media, and photography. My work centers around the complex creation of identity. All of my work is approached from a historical and environmental perspective. I consider my “(re)Visions of Art History” series to be the greatest presentation of what I strive to be as both an artist and as a person. Like me, its goal is to present the full truth of art history: the good and the evil. My method of creating artwork mirrors my method of academic research. In May of 2020, I received my BA after double-majoring in Art History and Museum Studies with a minor in 2D Studio Arts. After graduating, I began working as a freelance artist, curator, and arts consultant under the name “Preposterous Bee.” I now call Wilmington, Delaware my home after living my whole life in Indiana. As I eagerly begin this new chapter of my life, I do so aiming to educate, fight for, and comfort others. My favorite body of water is the St. Joseph River; it is important to note that the river’s original and true name given to it by the Miami people is the Sakiwäsipi.