Zine №3:

How do we activate gratitude in our lives and for each other? How can practicing gratitude make us better equipped to engage with the world? How does our study of the humanities allow us to critically think about gratitude? How can critique mobilize thankfulness? How do we reconcile gratitude for this world and the dissatisfaction needed to produce social change? In this workbook, we invite you to help us answer these questions.

Published December 2020 | Edited by Tiffany Xie


A Soupbone Questionnaire

How to Make a Blingee Stamp by Damon Pham

Soupbone Spaces by Lauren Ehrmann and H. Z.

How to Construct a Home by Yeeseon Chae

Five Mini Film Reviews by Cindy Liu

Yoko Ogawa’s “The Memory Police”: An Interactive Review by Phoebe Pan

Recipe for a Walk in Homewood Cemetery by Calla Norman

A Stroll by Genevieve Marvin

Helpful Index Cards: bits of advice illustrated by Melissa Frateantonio

Meditation on Gratitude by Anushka Sen

The Mechanics of Gratitude by Tiffany Xie

Recipe for Applesauce by Calla Norman

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